I Support the Drupal Association

Read time: 3 mins

I am a strong believer that Open Source software should NOT be financially supported by the individual developers that create the software, but rather by the organizations and companies that use the software. Contributors to Open Source already give enough of their time and energy to sustain the projects they are involved with. It is a huge jump to also ask for their financial contributions.  

Still, with this belief I support the Drupal association with my time, the limited talents that I have, and financially as an individual member. The reason for my support is because I believe the Drupal Association goes far beyond simply supporting the software project. It connects our community together and works to provide opportunity. In addition to ensuring that the lights are on at drupal.org and working to support and be a foundation for all of the working groups that keep the project running - groups like the Security Team, Documentation Working Group, Community Working groupEvent Organizers group, and more - The Drupal Association acts as a bridge to bring us all together in a way that few other organizations have done or can do. 

When I reflect on the 20 plus years I have worked in the software industry there are few other organizations that have given me more opportunities to connect, learn, collaborate with, and grow with others than the Drupal community via the Drupal Association.  Whether it is through DrupalCon, a DrupalCamp, a dev day, biz day, or through any of the collaboration tools on drupal.org (slack, irc(!), issue queues, sandboxes, etc. etc.) the Drupal community has been there to seek out, lift up and amplify individuals, and provide opportunity. The Drupal Association has worked to provide a solid foundation for that community.

Together with the Drupal Association the Drupal Community is an unstoppable force and this is why I support the Drupal Association as an individual member. I see as part of my career and not ancillary to it. 

I write this during a very tough time as we all make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. To help sustain the Association through this time this week I have both made an individual donation and I updated my membership to a monthly sustaining membership. These are tough times and not every can do this, but if you can please consider becoming a monthly sustaining member of the Drupal Association.

Bonus! If you do so before the end of April, 2020 Dries will match your donation up to $100,000 - a massive generous donation 

A few of my T-Shirts from 2008 - 2019. Looking at this collection it really highlights how much this community has meant to me and has helped me grow as an individual.