Passionate about open source, open data, and fostering communities of innovation. I work as a strategist, manager, and adviser on technology and business. I thrive in collaborative environments faced with difficult challenges that require strong technical skills, strategic planning, diplomacy, and relationship management. My work at Accenture focuses in three primary areas:

  • Open Source innovation and thought leadership - OSS strategy & governance
  • Drupal program management and business development
  • Applied Intelligence through data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence programs

My career in technology began early, years before graduating from college. Starting as a network administrator's assistant I grew to become an expert with Internet technologies and particularly with open source. My undergraduate degree in accounting and graduate degree in finance have helped me evolve into an effective program manager and business development lead. I have a unique ability to create budgets, manage teams, write programming code, and speak geek to solve problems and advance goals.

Email me at:  jacobredding  at Gmail